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Equity Broking Advisory

Equity Broking Advisory

Long-Term Wealth Creation

Equities as an asset class provide you the dual advantage of protecting your wealth from inflation along with enhancing your purchasing power.

  • One of the best avenues to fight inflation: Inflation drives up the cost of living and eats away the value of your savings. Traditional investment avenues like Fixed Deposits, Bonds, etc. have a limited upside of 8 to 10 %, whereas equities as an asset class have given an average annual return of about 13 % in the last 10 years. Hence, when it comes to beating inflation, equities are undoubtedly your best bet
  • Source of Long term wealth creation: Our philosophy of “Buy Right Sit Tight ” has helped a lot of investors in long term wealth creation. Investing in good businesses and growth stories at an early stage provides unlimited upside potential. For example, your investment of Rs. 1,000 in the Infosys IPO in 1993, would have fetched you Rs. 30 Lakhs today. Not participating in growth stories would certainly be an opportunity missed
  • One of the most Liquid investment options: Equities also provide you the flexibility of quickly changing your holding patterns to suit your requirements and also convert your holdings into cash instantly. This makes it the most suitable option compared to other asset classes for investors who are looking for liquidity
  • Trade & invest in Cash & Margin products, ETF ‘s and Stock SIP ‘s across BSE, NSE & MSEI
  • Multiple trading options: Desktop, Web, Mobile, Call & Trade Desk and Dedicated Advisors
  • All platforms integrated with LIVE market feeds, advanced tools and MOSL research & advice
  • Customized investment strategies & actionable advice across time horizons & risk profiles
  • Portfolio Restructuring based on risk profile with model portfolios and benchmark comparisons

Robo Advisory Products

ACE – Advice On Combination Of Equities

A diverse range of robo powered pre-packaged equity portfolios ideal for both, traders and investors

Research on all listed companies based on:

Over 550 per company

Fundamentals, Results, Technical, Sector, Peers, Price

Over 30 Million data Points daily

Quality, Valuation, Financial Trend and Technical

Over 80% success rate across all listed companies

Benefits of ACE
  • Pre-packaged equity portfolios
  • 100% automated advice & execution
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Complete transparency
  • Real time portfolio tracking for clients

Stocks are held in un-researched companies


Retail clients hold stocks beyond Nifty 500


Stocks in demat holdings are not of good quality


We can overcome this shortfall with the help of robo powered technology products.

  • ACE Large Cap: A long-term equity portfolio that consists of large cap stocks to generate steady returns over a period of time.
  • ACE Small Cap: A systematic delivery based equity portfolio that consists of small cap stocks having potential for high earnings growth.
  • ACE FundTech: A portfolio with a combination of fundamental & technical parameters suitable for investors who want to invest in companies with best financial trend subject to thresholds of Quality & Valuation.


Derivatives do away with the need to invest a large amount of capital upfront, benefit from market movements. This gives you greater liquidity and helps you leverage on anticipated market movements and to hedge your risks.

  • Option to trade in Futures and Options across NSE and BSE
  • Future Plus, an excellent leverage product for intraday traders with limited margin
  • Multiple trading options: Desktop, Web, Mobile, Call & Trade and Dedicated Advisors
  • Dedicated technical research desk providing insightful daily & monthly reports
  • Customized actionable strategies as per risk profiles and time horizons
  • Exclusive in-house tools designed for faster decision making & single click execution


Commodities helps you Diversify Your Portfolio For Minimizing Risks away from the traditional avenues of equity, bonds and real estate. Commodities have very little or negative correlation with other asset classes

  • Option to trade across Bullion, Base Metals, Energy, Agro and other commodities
  • Customized offerings for Investors, Traders, Hedgers, Speculators or Arbitrageurs
  • Availability of structured products, inter-commodity spreads etc
  • Value Plus, an excellent leverage product for intraday traders with limited margin
  • Alternative investments like E-Gold, E-Silver with DEMAT options
  • Multiple trading options: Desktop, Web, Mobile, Call & Trade and Dedicated Advisors
  • Specialized Research desk providing customized strategies, insightful reports and market updates


Participate Early In Growth Stories
The primary market provides investor ‘s opportunities to buy shares at a reasonable price prior to its listing price.

  • Advantage of either applying for IPOs through online platforms as well as offline
  • IPO recommendations for select offers provided by our advisory team
  • Secure investing through a single login across devices Desktop, Mobile or Web

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