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Big question in the mind of millennials should I invest now or not?

Big question in the mind of millennials should I invest now or not?

Investment Tips

While starting to answer this question, I would like to start with statement: Millennials are smart!

Their thought process is much different from way of thinking of adults. They like to live in the moment, give more importance to experiences and explore opportunities. This is a great mindset to be in, as it takes ages of experience and maturity for an adult to get into it.

Extrapolating this mindset into the world of investments, millennials are willing to spend to live a life of their choice and get unique experiences at the present. At the same time, they are open to invest for a future need that they believe in.

I highlight the words, ‘they believe in’ because the reasons we adults list for saving and investing varies vastly from what millennials would want to save for.


  • being digitally savvy
  • having the ability to explore new concepts and learn on their own
  • having the ability to take risk and try many options

gives them the added advantage to be potential investors.

While we applaud this courage of millennials, I would like to bring their attention to a few factors:
  • search engines are the godfather for them; data is abundantly available online. But it is necessary to analyse the various data and see which is authentic.
  • Even in authentic data, we need to have the ability to choose if it is authentic for us. As they say, in the world of investing, there is no once size fits all.
  • Today we are all in search of answers: What is the best fund to invest? What is the best stock to buy? Etc. But is life, more than searching the right answers, asking the right questions is the most important. It is the right questions that will get us the right solutions.
  • Instead of searching for the right answers, I would suggest millennials to ask the right questions: Why am I investing? For what am I investing? How much risk can I tolerate? When will I need my investments?

Now coming to the answer for the question: Is it the right time to invest now? Like they say, the first best time to plant trees was 20 years ago; the next best time is now. If we have not started before, the best time to invest, make a start is TODAY! But, with a plan! With the answers to the right questions! With a Focus!

I would close this blog with a genuine suggestion! Health and wealth are two important aspects of our life! For both we need proper professionals to help and guide us! Attempting to do all by myself may prove hazardous in both cases. Wealth building is both an art and a science!

Every investment should be decided on a process-based approach with answers needed to many questions like – why am I choosing it? How much should I invest in it? When should I enter? What is my exit option? How will I review it? To name a few!

Prudence would be to approach a good advisor, coach, mentor would help millennials ask the right questions in their journey of exploring the world of investments.
Happy Investing and Wealth Building!

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